Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Shani Juds - Nail Art

Nail art is a form of art that is made by just using nails and a hammer. It is a unique way of representing art, and it is not seen very often. This type of art takes skill and a lot of patience. Some artists who create nail art are Marcus Levine, and Saimir Strati. You will be seeing some of their works here.

This piece of art was made by Marcus Levine. It is made up of steel nails that he has hammered to a hard surface. Marcus Levine is known for making nail mosaics and making pictures of people and body parts. 

The artist of this piece was done by Saimir Saiti. It is made up of thousands of nails. This piece of art took a lot of time, and a lot of effort was needed to hammer in all the nails. As you can see, different color nails were needed because of the shadows and eyes on the horse. 

This piece was also done by Saimir Saiti. He is an Albanian artist. In this piece, Saimir Saiti used over one million nails. This is one of his most famous pieces of work. It is a portrait of Leonardo Da Vinci. 

This piece was done by a South African artist. As you can see it is not a portrait or animal, but it is a design of some sort. It incorporates different colors, and it uses other things other than nails. It includes toothpicks and corks as well. This piece of art only uses circles, and they overlap each other. It sort of creates a 'crowded' sense, and it makes the viewers seem closed up. 

It might be hard to believe that this is nails, but it is. This piece has many different color nails, and some nails had to be over lapped with each other to create the 3D effect that it has. It sort of has an ocean feel to it as the bottom looks like waves. The objects on the top could be seen as shells or fish. 

This piece was also done by Saimir Strati. This was mainly done by painted nails and some toothpicks. This piece shows a woman playing a guitar. The person standing in front of it really emphasizes how big the piece is. 

This piece of nail art is the most realistic one. It is a portrait of a young girl and a baby. The artist here used dark shades of grey, and silver to create the shadows on the faces and the hair. It was done really well. It seems like this portrait could have been drawn by pencil, because of how detailed everything is. 

Monday, April 30, 2012

Matilda Geen - Hair Art

The following pictures will have the theme of hair art. Hair art is very interesting and not very well known. A couple of different artists have experiment around with this idea, sometimes being very successful. Here is a selection of pieces of hair art that the gallery found especially interesting. 

This piece of hair art was done by Culdesac and Studio Mariso. The technique used here is braids and the artist has chosen to use different sized braids to make the hair art look more interesting. The woman in the picture looks quit sad and the hair and make-up look as if she is supposed to resemble someone from the Victorian period. This piece of art work gives off quite a dark mood, and the hair adds to the seriousness of the picture - not one strand is out of place.  

This piece of hair art is by Nagi Noda. Nagi Noda was a famous Japanese artist, who directed movies as well as sang. She was also know for her crazy ideas, hair art being one of them. This piece is from a music video she did a couple of years ago. The hair is in the formation of a moose and although the model looks quite serious, the fact that their is a moose on her head adds some irony to the serious face.

This piece of hair art came from the international festival of "Banks of the Nova river" in St. Petersburg from February 22nd 2009. The festival is held annually and is famous for its crazy hair art and this is just one example of the many different styles at the festival. Her hair here as been put up to look like a dragon, probably consisting with the theme of her outfit for the catwalk.

This hair art is by Brenda Waters. Brenda Waters has won many awards for her crazy hairs styles and says that she gets her inspiration from the earths elements. This piece of hair art is representing fire, which is why she used the reds and oranges and tints of yellow. The style her hair is in in fact makes it look as though her hair is on fire. This is very interesting because fire is normally associated with negative symbolism, the model here looking fierce and focused.

This piece of art is again by Nagi Noda. Here the animal on the models head is a rhino, and again the serious face is a little ironic due to the humor in there being an animal on her head.

This piece of hair art is by Steven Carey. This piece is interesting because the hair does not look real. It does not look like hair, and it is even hard to tell if it is real life - it almost looks like something added on afterwards on Photoshop. The hair here almost looks as though is is paper that has been folded and then put on someones head. The piece gives off a serious and sharp look.

This piece again is by Nagi Noda. This is probably the most ironic one out of the collection. Here the model is even eating her own hair, although she keeps her serious face. The models hair has been made to look as though is is pasta on a plate, with the red strand being the sauce, and the blonde being the spaghetti.

This piece is again by Nagi Noda and modeled by by Joe Odagiri. The hair is supposed to look like a tornado, with pieces everywhere to create the chaos. There is a house in the middle with objects flying around making the hair art look very interesting. Joe Odagiri's face adds to the chaos because he looks almost like he is yelling the the photograph.

Arla Takala - 3D Art

3D art, which is also known as 3D chalk art, is 2-dimensional artwork drawn on flat surfaces such as walls and pavements. It creates an optical illusion from a certain perspective. 3D street art is breathtaking since they look so real. There are many artists who create 3D art, such as Julian Beever, Edgar Muller, Kurt Wenner and Manfred Stader. 

Julian Beever is referred to as the ‘Pavement Picasso’. He has been drawing chalk paintings on pavement surfaces since mid-1990’s. He creates his paintings using a projection called anamorphosis which creaks a 3 dimensional illusion when viewed from the right angle. This photo is a drawing of a coke bottle. Out of the 4 above-mentioned artists, his drawings are the most playful since he draws paintings of random objects. 

This painting by Julian Beever is a river and a boat. Some of his drawings create a forced perspective view like this photo, which tricks the human mind. It seems as if the man and women are sitting on the boat going down the river, however they are actually sitting on the ground. I believe his artwork is good because creating drawings on pavements is tricky and his drawings are easily understood.
Edgar Mueller is a German 3d street artists regarded as ‘one of the world’s top 3D illusionist street painters’. The two drawings a chose by Muller both show a crack in the Earth’s crust. The first picture resembles a glacier in the Ice Age, it has cracked open and it seems as if it is very deep because the bottom is pitch black. A man is struggling to keep his balance and not fall into the Earth. Obviously this isn’t true, it is just an optical illusion.
The second drawing, again, shows a crack in the Earth’s crust however instead of darkness, there is a river rushing below. Mueller likes to play with positives and negatives (like the pictures above) and he enjoys watching people play with the photos, pretending to fall into the earth. I think his artworks are interesting and creative. His paintings are realistic which play tricks on our minds.
-       Kurt Wenner’s paintings are inspired by the Great Roman baroque ceilings and therefore are more historic. This is a painting of a giant lying down. I think his paintings are great since he combines reality with fantasy. 

 This painting by Kurt Wenner shows a golden well on the ground. There are people along the hollow pit. I think his drawings are good because they show emotion, for example in this drawing the people look like they are in pain. Unlike Beever and Mueller, his paintings are more professional since they use various artistic techniques, like the use of shadows.
Unlike the other artists whose drawings appear to go into the earth’s crust, Manfred Stader’s drawings go outward, as if they were on top of the earth. The first photo is a drawing of a coffee cup. It looks as if the model is sitting on the plate however she is sitting on the ground. In my opinion his artwork is good because it looks realistic.
This drawing is by Manfred Stader and it shows a section of a beach, with a towel, sun umbrella and sun chair. It is as if the women in sitting on the chair however, again, she is sitting on the ground. His drawings are good because it creates an optical illusion and he uses good colors.

Isabelle Plater - Hand Art

The following pictures are a form of art called hand art. Hand art is when artists use their hand as their canvas, and create an image by using their hand, wrist and fingers. The following pictures are by an artist called Guido Daniele. Guido Daniele is an artist who lives and works in Milan, Italy. Daniele worked as a hyper-realistic illustrator, working with editing and advertising companies. in 1990, he developed body painting techniques. His work has been used in advertising images, commercials, fashion events and exhibitions. The hands create more dimensions to the picture.

This is a hand art picture of an eagle. The artist has used his wrist for the eagles feathers and eyes, and has used his fingers to show the eagle’s beak. The artist has then used the shape of his fingers to look like they are part of the eagle. He has used neutral colors for this painting, and used shading to create dimensions. 

This is a hand art picture of a cat. The artist has used different shades of brown on his hand to create dimensions and shadows in the picture. The artist has then used his thumb to blend in with the whiskers, and his knuckles as the nose.

This is a hand art drawing of a parrot. The artist has used many bright colors to form the parrot’s feathers on his hand. The way the artist has painted gives more of a 3d effect. The artist his used his fingers to form the beak.

This is a hand art picture of a duck. The artist has painted the wrist and hand white, and used the fingers to create a break. He has used orange and black on his fingers and used the inner part between the thumb and fingers as an eye. The artists write is used to look like the ducks neck.

This is a hand art picture of an elephant. The artist has used few colors, however has used different techniques to create texture of the elephant. The techniques make the elephants skin look more real. Black shading has also been used to create a shadow and add dimensions. The artists finger is used for the trunk.

This is a hand art drawing of a fish. Orange and white have been used for the fishes skin, and different techniques have been used to create the look of scales on the artist’s hand. The artists knuckles have been used to create the fishes lips.

One eye sees, the other feels.”